Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

December 1, 2017

First up, edible insects! Surprise surprise surprise!

Create those memorable moments munching on flavored larvae worms!  Perfect little snacks for Christmas stockings!
Check Out Tons of Edible Insects on Amazon
Or how about Prank Bottle Cap Cookie Cutters!

mini bottle cap cookie cutters


We always need candy canes for stocking stuffers, so try these Gravy Flavored candy canes!  Get some laughs as they will not know what to expect!

They also have Rotisserie Chicken Flavor!

Or Dill Pickle Flavor!

Ok this next one has been around for awhile but I still think they are cool….Scorpion Suckers!

If you prefer Amazon for those scorpion suckers, go here but I’m not sure if these still come in a four pack, so be sure and verify!

Heat things up with something spicy!  Check this page for some rocket hot items!  Probably one of the hottest is their evil Toe of Satan!

Here’s a nice tip, but not a stocking stuffer;

Buy the Toe of Satan and the Cotton Candy maker to make fire hot cotton candy!!!

watch their videos! They make good ones at Vat19

How about a lump of coal!  OK its actually candy but the packaging is nice!


Still on the candy theme is the ever popular Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy! Can’t help but smile just looking at it!

Farts are always funny, even at Christmas.  Get your ears and patience ready and throw some Fart Whistles in those stockings!

Yes they will try your patience but the kids will have a blast!

Family bonding at its best!

I would love to detail all the fart items I could find, but instead I think I will just say...Check Out Tons of Farts on Amazon!

That should get you started on stocking stuffers the Gifts and Gags way.  Have fun

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