Big Animal Head Masks

October 7, 2017


I have seen some stores up here in the Pacific Northwest selling out of these already in the first week of October!  I was in the back room of a big store and they were tearing down the cardboard bins and said they were not re-stocking.  If you want one of these you may want to hurry!
Get the Panda here…..Panda


Here are some more ideas! How about the black cat mask!  Black cats are perfect for Halloween….. Black Cat Mask

Or a little friendlier looking cat mask.….

This colorful unicorn mask looks like fun and a good vibe….


I really like this Plush Teddy Bear Mask! 

Or how about this plush T Rex Dinosaur Mask! By Maskimals.

A nice white rabbit bunny mask!

I like this blue one

Looking for more than just the mask? Take a look at the reviews on this full costume bear mascot! 

They have different sizes so be sure to look for the size selector.


Don’t wait until its too late! Halloween is coming fast!

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